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Our mission at AcuHealth is to assist our patients in improving their overall quality of life by providing a high quality of Traditional Chinese Medicine. We are committed to maintaining a high level of excellence in order to provide exceptional patient care. We are dedicated to patient health and well-being, and unwaveringly adhere to the highest standards of professional conduct and ethics. We provide a pleasing and comfortable environment in order for our patients to derive optimal benefit from our care.


Dr. Qian Liu Ma is one of only a handful of practitioners in the South Africa to have obtained the doctoral degree of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture from Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (China), which was evaluated and certified by South African Qualifications Authority.

 Dr Ma has been registered and qualified as, CHINESE MEDICINE & ACUPUNCTURE in South Africa by the ALLIED HEALTH PROFESSIONS COUNCIL OF SOUTH AFRICA.(register Number )

Eleven years of professional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture training and twelve years of working experience in Chinese Medicine hospitals, grants Dr Ma a high skillful expertise in her health practice.

In July 2005, after Dr Ma graduated in masters of CMA, she worked as lecturer in the Faculty of Acupuncture in SDUTCM and Chinese Medicine doctor in Integrated Chinese medicine and Western Medicine hospital of Shandong Province, particularly in the department of rehabilitation and pain Clinic. She has successfully helped many patients, especially chronic pain such as joint pain, intervertebral disc prolapse and migraine, including sports injury.


In July 2011, (after) Dr Ma qualified in her Doctoral degree of Chinese Herbal medicine. Dr Ma works closely with her Chinese Medicine infertility Centre of Shandong provincial hospital of Chinese Medicine. She has recieved excellent achievement in her practice and research in the field of infertility and Gynecology and Endocrine Diseases, such as IVF Assistance, menstrual disorder and diabetes management.

Dr. Qian Ma is a strong believer in using Traditional Chinese Medicine in coordination with Western Medicine to treat disease and to maintain wellness. 40% of our patients are physician referrals. Most suffer from migraine headaches, sciatica, low-back pain, neck pain, arthritis, neuralgia. Many others have women's issues, such as infertility, menopause, and anxiety.


As health providers, we at Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Clinic, believe that the key to our success is not only professional expertise, but also in caring. Our doctor patient relationships are built on the strong foundation of honesty, understanding and trust.



Payment Options

We accept payments by cash. Most of the Medical Aid companies now reimburse for acupuncture services such as Discovery, Bonitas and EFT... (Please) Contact your insurance company to find out the details of your plan. Although our office does not file insurance, your receipt will contain all of the necessary information

for you to file a claim.


We value our time together and appreciate you honouring of our 24-hour cancellation policy. By respecting this policy, you are assisting other clients the opportunity to utilize available appointments if they become available.



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