Upper Back & Neck Pain





Upper Back and Neck Pain

The phrase “a pain in the neck and upper back” became popular for a reason. Like lower back pain, neck and upper back pain is a very common complaint. Upper back and neck pain are tricky maladies despite being so common. There is a large postural component affected by the way we move, sit and lie down. There is a structural component when the bones of the spine and supporting musculature are affected. There is even an emotional component. Chronic stress can cause neck pain and chronic pain can cause stress and even depression.


What are the symptoms are of upper back and neck pain?

The symptoms of back pain and neck pain are similar, but occur in different parts of the spine. Most commonly, pain felt in the back and/or neck is similar to a muscle ache or spasm. Pain can limit a person’s range of motion, making bending, twisting, changing position or moving in other ways more difficult. Certain movements may also cause pain.Upper back and neck discomfort may be fixed or may move around. Pain may also cause shooting or electric zing-type of sensations.


What causes pain in the back or neck?

The most common cause of acute pain is muscle spasm and strain. Ligament strain is another possibility. Stiff neck (as in torticollis) is caused by sleeping in an odd position or straining the muscles of the neck in other ways.

Another common cause of upper back and neck pain, but of the chronic sort, is bulging or ruptured disks. Disks are like cushions in the spine to help reduce shockwaves from impacts like your foot striking the ground while walking. When a disk bulges out of its usual space, it can compress nerves. Nerve compression causes discomfort.


How does acupuncture evaluate and treat upper back and neck pain?

Recent medical studies have revealed that the use of acupuncture as treatment for low back pain not only provides long lasting relief than physical therapy, pain killers and injections, but also it takes care of the root causes of the back pain.

Acupuncture helps to improve the circulation of blood to the neck and upper back region and spinal cord thereby relaxing the spinal muscles and reducing upper back and back pain symptoms. Acupuncture can be very effective in reducing muscle spasms.

As the number of upper back pain and neck pain cases are increasing day by day, doctors too are now referring acupuncture back pain treatment to their patients. Acupuncture treatment is the best form of natural treatment for patients with upper back pain and neck pain, who do not get adequate relief from traditional forms of treatment















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